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Among the Sleep makes good use of its unusual concept, taking you on a distinctive journey through the frightening dreams of a young child.

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Among The Sleep n'est clairement pas un mauvais jeu, ne serait-ce que pour la qualité de son ambiance, mais il ne parvient pas à séduire pleinement. Avec un rythme trop mou et malheureusement trop peu de variété dans les phases de réflexion, il ne se jouera que comme une ballade dans les...

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Among The Sleep utilizes genre-standard controls for movement and camera. Additionally, the player can manipulate objects in the environment in order toAt $20, Among The Sleep is priced evenly with other releases in this genre. As such, it doesn’t represent an outstanding value – other titles in this... Among the Sleep review | GamesRadar+ Among the Sleep offers a new perspective on the horror genre, namely a couple of feet above the floor thanks to its 2-year-old protagonist.Being a baby in Among the Sleep is not brilliant. Actually, it's downright spooky. This formerly PC crowdfunded indie has just waddled onto PS4 and Xbox One, and... Обзор Among the Sleep Among the Sleep – история малыша, который в обнимку с плюшевым медведем путешествует по волнам памяти, посещает сюрреалистичныеСамое обидное, что в Among the Sleep заметны проблески гениальности: каждый уровень наполнен десятками интересных мелких деталей... Among the Sleep Review - Gamereactor Among the Sleep is a game that grabs you instantly with its concept. The main hero is a two year old toddler whose only friendThe PlayStation 4 version of Among the Sleep also features some bugs. The first one is seen right at the0 Why does Rockstar hate PC? Surely consoles have had their un ... Among the Sleep for PC Reviews - Metacritic

Among the Sleep for PC Game Reviews - Playscore of Among the Sleep on PC, based on critic and gamer review scores. Red Sector: Shutdown: Among the Sleep: Prologue (PC) Review Sometimes a developer surprises you… for good or for bad. In this case, I was pleasantly surprised. When the original game came out, I was excited and wanted to play it as soon as I could. Among the Sleep Download for PC & Android and Review ... Among the Sleep Download for PC & Android and Review Syed Sarim October 4, 2017 For PC , Review Leave a comment 639 Views A pair of pockets has never represented any kind of power fantasy in anybody, and that’s precisely why it’s such a great dress to explore the frames around a grøser.